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Tips to Save Energy Costs When Repairing Your AC in Houston Summer

Summer is the best season of the year when people enjoy having ice creams, slushies, wearing shorts and flip-flops, and going on trips to the beach. However, the sultry days of summer can also leave you feeling muggy. While the need to switch on your home air-conditioner to cool things down makes the heat more bearable, it can also cost you an arm and a leg once the utility bill arrives. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through the imminent dog days of summer just manually fanning it out to save your wallet from sky-high electricity costs.

Here are some tips on how to keep cool with your home air-conditioning system this summer without having to break the bank:

Get a programmable thermostat

Many people who opt for a programmable thermostat swear that it’s one of the best investments they made for their HVAC system. The advantage of using a programmable thermostat is that it allows you to control when it should be set to high or low instead of manually doing it yourself. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, setting the temperature to the highest level that you can tolerate is actually better than maintaining a constant temperature all day long. This is because AC system works best at full swing over longer periods of time compared to the unit cycling on and off when nobody’s home. Furthermore, a programmable thermostat makes your home energy-efficient and lets you create a schedule when household members are at work, at school or at home. This allows you to decrease your energy usage and keep a comfortable temperature all around your home. If you haven’t made the switch yet, do it now. Your wallet will thank you when the next utility bill comes.

Keep away heat using blinds and curtains

During the high summer, keep in mind to close blinds and curtains especially in rooms which get the most sunlight. Blinds and curtains help block out heat from the sun and aid your AC system in performing an easier job by making the rooms in your home easier to cool.

Perform preventive maintenance

Schedule a regular AC repair Houston inspection for your HVAC system, preferably twice a year – the heating system in autumn and the air-conditioner in springtime. This includes removing leaves or other debris from the outside unit, changing filters every 30 days, cleaning the vents and ensuring they are open, cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils, checking voltage connections to make sure they are still in good working condition, and performing necessary repairs. When your HVAC system is routinely checked, it stays in top condition, its lifespan is extended, and it is able to do an efficient job.

Check your home for air leaks

If your house is more than two decades old, there may already be areas which are not airtight. Factors such as drafty doors, untight windows, and improperly insulated rooms contribute to loss of cool air. You surely don’t want to waste money cooling your home, only for the cool air to escape, making your AC system work harder. Weatherstripping your doors and windows and caulking gaps, joints and cracks will help ensure that the cool air stays where it should be as used by many commercial air conditioning repair companies.

Keeping cool during the summer season does not have to leave you frustrated with expensive electricity bills. Taking steps to ensure that your HVAC system works properly and that your house is appropriately insulated will save you hundreds of dollars.