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In-Demand Professions Most Likely To Get Work Permits In The US

American companies have been relying on foreign talent for years in order to find the skills they are unable to find locally. Thanks to the H1-B visa, they are able to attract those who can add value to the business and in turn, improve the competitiveness of the American economy.

Despite the shortage in labor in the country, getting an H1-B visa can be tricky. Most people think that only those in the IT industry are qualified, but there are other skills that are in demand and experts in these professions are able to get the right to work in the United States.

University Professor

The country has more than 4,000 higher education institutions, which is why there is a high demand for college professors and they look outside of the country to fill them.

Nurses and Physical Therapists

There is an increasing lack of these professionals in the country, especially with an aging population. Moreover, most nurses prefer to work in the big cities so smaller towns are hit with the lack of qualified and experienced nurses. The H1-B visa is unfortunately not offered to nurses, so employers will need to apply for an ordinary green card. Still, the demand will continue to grow as there are not enough nurses locally to fill these positions.

Scientists or Researchers

The United States has always been the top destination for scientists and researchers, and those who are in the pharmaceuticals industry are in high demand and will easily find a job in the country. They are also qualified under the H1-B visa as highly-skilled professionals.


Managers and executives are also very likely to find jobs in the United States, thanks to the demand for qualified and experienced executives. They should, however, have had worked in large corporations which are either American or have had a presence in the country. This also makes it possible for companies to internally transfer their own executives from abroad into the US.

Sports and Arts

While most H1-B visas are awarded to those with at least a bachelor’s degree in science or technology, this does not mean that those who are specialized in arts and sports are not able to fall under this category. However, each case is decided separately and being famous in the craft will help in the approval of the visa. This means, if you are a popular and successful football player or a well-known musician, your chances of being approved for a visa are higher compared to a local band player.

Just as in any visa application through any Houston immigration lawyers, each case is decided individually and there are no assurances that just by being in these skilled professions, you will get a work permit in the United States as long as you work with the correct attorney specialized in abogados de inmigracion en houston. H1-B visas are also restricted in number, which is another reason for denials. In such cases, it is best for either the hiring company or the interested employee to consult an immigration lawyer to ensure the best chances in securing a visa to work in the country.