How Couples’ Rehab Helps Families Through Their Rehab Sober Living Process

Though unfortunate, there are certainly situations where both parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some have already been using when they met and got married, but it is also possible that the addiction started later on. After all, with the stress of kids, bills, and other responsibilities, there are those who choose to turn to these substances to cope. In Houston, such cases of addicted couples are not that uncommon.

What Happens When Both Parents Are Addicts?


When parents are reliant on drugs, they are unable to fulfill their role as caretaker to their children. Though they do not intend to, the addiction has already removed their ability to reason and commit to their family. There is only one way for them to keep their family together, and that is to go to couples’ rehab. It is only by making the decision to put their family first that they can avoid damaging their kids’ lives.

This is the reason why rehab centers in Houston also cater to couples, especially since they have other relationship-related issues that might also need to be dealt with. In these centers and after they go back home, they are able to monitor and support each other through their journey back to sobriety.

Why Should Parents Go To Couple’s Rehab?


One addicted parent is already a challenge, and when both are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, children will never learn stability at home. They will also learn to live in fear, afraid of the extreme mood swings or when parents have “checked out” while using. Kids will also need to take on adult responsibilities early on, simply because their addicted parents are not there to take care of them. Older ones will need to raise their younger brothers or sisters and everyone needs to learn how to be self-reliant.

Still, the emotional impact of having parents under the influence of drugs or alcohol is much worse without assistance from a sober living Houston community. Some children blame themselves for their parents’ addiction and crave love and approval. At the same time, they will learn to feel ashamed of their parents and feel isolated.

Parents need to realize and accept the effect their addiction has on their children, using it as their main motivation for their rehabilitation. The best thing for them is to check into a center as soon as possible and start their road to recovery together. Of course, they will have to make arrangements for their children, but the best way for the whole family to move forward is if both parents enter and finish the program together. As long as one parent is still using, family life is unable to improve.

A Life Beyond Addiction

Support groups exist for children of addicted parents, helping them to cope with their situation at home. While certainly helpful, the only real and lasting solution is for parents to seek help for their addiction and check into couple’s therapy in a Houston rehab center. Children will feel loved and valued when their mom and dad choose family over drugs. Although life after rehab is not yet a happy-ever-after, they can overcome the struggles as a family and finally break the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse.