SEO Challenges Faced By Global Companies

The global exposure businesses gain by being on the Internet can both be positive and negative. While having a wider reach puts them in touch with more customers around the world, it also presents some unique challenges to both advertisers and SEO companies.

Challenges With The Language

A global website should cater to all, regardless of what language they speak. Tons of businesses and readers rely on online translators like Google Translate, which can easily interpret the whole web page into the local language in one click. However, this is not the best way to do it.

Online translators, while they have played their part well in helping people gain a basic understanding of text in other languages, are still not as good at avoiding grammatical errors, choosing the most appropriate words and incorporating cultural differences.

Businesses that really rely on international markets should invest in proper translation of their websites in the languages used by key countries. Visitors can then choose the country and the website when they visit the website.

This is best done by hiring expert translators to make sure the right wording is also used, especially when words have multiple meanings. Do not ever go for a popular but wrong translation just to improve your search rankings.

Geo-Targeting Issues

First and foremost, if you want to build a global website, then move away from country-specific domains like .uk or .dk and instead, go for .com for an international reach. Country or language tags are normally not used by Google because many content management systems (CMS) and plugins make mistakes and thus the system is unreliable.

In many cases, IP detection can be used so that visitors are redirected to local versions of the website. However, there are some cases they do not work or at times, the location is identified but users are not redirected to a local page even if it exists. These are just some of the issues SEO companies need to work out to ensure a properly functioning global website.

Technical Issues

Houston SEO companies have to deal with a lot of issues related to global websites, which is why companies should work with them right from the beginning. For example, the website that is now available in multiple languages should not have just a single URL, because this confuses the search engines and website visitors.

Organizational Problems

Many companies strive for a global website without realizing the amount of work necessary to maintain and manage them. At times, these are in different languages and one update needs to be applied in all versions. One way to reduce the headaches is to have standard guidelines for maintaining and running these websites and distributing them to local SEO teams or agencies handling the website. Templates also make sure that everything is consistent across all countries.

While the purpose of a global website is to increase reach and business, it is important to always have the end customer in mind when applying these changes to the website. Each local version should appeal to the market, which is why hiring a local SEO agency makes sense. With careful planning and right implementation, these challenges can be overcome and a global website can be properly set up and reach the intended audience.