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How to file bankruptcy when you are broke

One of the most frustrating things about coming to the realization that you are broke and you need to file bankruptcy is the realization that many people that need to file bankruptcy are actually too broke to come up with the fees for bankruptcy. Fees include, the filing fee, class fees and of course you bankruptcy attorney fee.

What do you do if you are living pay check to paycheck and you can not afford an attorney?

Before I decided I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy I was trying to everything to pay down my bills. I would listen to gurus like Dave Ramsey to see if he could offer anything new that I had not already thought of. I really wanted to avoid filing bankruptcy and pay on the debts that built up until late fees and a ton of other fees started piling up after I was late on a couple credit card bills. My budget was so tight that being late and incurring late fees, over the limit fees and a couple other fees on my credit card sent me over the top to the realization that I had to file bankruptcy.

Although the fees at the time were very frustrating and very stressful they were also a blessing in disguise and is what propelled me forward to research bankruptcy to see how bad things could be if I filed. I was already living pay check to pay check and my only fear would be they would make me sell my home. I met with a Michigan bankruptcy attorney to discuss my case and I expressed my inability to pay him in full and wanted to know if he had a payment plan of some kind. This is common and most attorneys will tell you their fee and how much it is to retain them. Once you retain the attorney you can begin sending all your creditors to their office. The attorney will tell you to stop paying all of your credit card bills and this is the money you can use to pay your attorney and your filing fees even if it takes a couple months to pay the attorney off in full.