The Right Roof Materials For Your Lewisville Home

When planning your house, you should always consider the climate. If you live in Lewisville, Texas, for example, you will expect a lot of sunshine. This knowledge will allow you to plan accordingly, specifically choosing the right roofing materials that can withstand the strong rays of the sun.

There are quite a few options for roofing, but they are not always suitable for your Lewisville home. If you live in such warm climates, the best choice is one that reflects sunlight and thus, keeps your home cool. This way, your house does not become very hot during the daytime and you would save money on your air conditioning bills.

1. Metal Roofing

If you are worried about the cost, you might find metal roofs a cheaper choice compared to tile roofing. Because of the demand for this kind of roofing, the prices have been consistently going down.

But beyond being cheap, metal is a weatherproof option that is non-porous and highly durable, especially if it is made of copper or aluminum. Whether it is against storms, high winds, and even pests, metal roofing can withstand everything.

Lewisville homes will also be kept cool because metal roofs reflect a lot of the sunlight. In fact, it warms up slowly but cools down quickly, making it the perfect choice for warmer climates. However, you need to make sure that there is no sunlight reflected unto the street or unto other people. Another disadvantage is the fact that it is loud, such that you hear the rain or hailstorm easily.

2. S Tiles

Similarly shaped to terracotta tiles, S tiles also form a wave pattern on the roof, which in turn, lets air go around among tiles. S tiles can be made of various materials, and they are either painted white or dyed so that they will reflect the sunlight. With circulation, they are capable of pushing away up to 75% of sunshine.

3. Solar Panels

If you live in sunny Dallas, then you should definitely consider installing solar panels on your roof. Because of how big they are, they can actually cover most of your roofing and thus, remove the need for any shingles.

They will be able to keep the integrity of the roof for a longer time and at the same time, give you some free and green energy in return. Thanks to advances in solar panel development, they are now thinner and still look nice.

4. Concrete Roof Tiles

Despite the weight and the difficulty to transport it, concrete is a popular choice for a Lewisville roofer. It is weatherproof and can withstand wildfires and storms. It is also capable of keeping your home cool because it is resistant to heat.

5. Slate Tile

Slate tiles are another popular choice and one that can be found in various shades of color. This kind of tile is also durable and stronger that can withstand any form of harsh weather.

These materials have been developed for areas with warm climate like Lewisville. After all, the roof over your head should protect you from the elements, and by choosing one of those mentioned about, you can save on your utility bills as well so make sure to find a great Dallas commercial roofing company.