Why And How To Improve Your SEO Performance

We live in a highly competitive world that is characterized by more and more companies entering a more and more crowded marketplace. All of these companies are competing for a slice of the consumer spending pie – and that pie is not growing as fast as those who want to maximize their profits – even in the face of other organizations that may be able to outspend them when it comes to traditional marketing. However in the Internet space where eCommerce rules the roost when it comes to making site owners wealthy the competition can be even more fierce – and it depends on a savvy approach that must rely on an in depth knowledge of not only traditional marketing and messaging techniques but also how to harness essentials such as SEO and how that helps a company dominate the Google search engine results.

If you are going to going to improve your search engine rankings you will need to know how to improve your SEO performance and there is really only one company that you are going to be focusing on – Google, the Gorilla in the search engine sandpit.

So why exactly should your business be concerned with an effort to improve your search engine rankings? The answer is simplicity itself. It is absolutely imperative that any business is able to reach its target audience with its core messages and a succinct and creative (with an effective Call to Action) appeal to the consumer as regards the organizations services, products and assurance of quality service, as well as any special offers that have just become available.

The statistics also do not lie. Recent studies show that around 95% of all web traffic is driven towards those companies that have managed to achieve front page ranking on the Google search engine results. Other pages are very much the ‘also rans’ receiving only 5% of the traffic and interest. If your business is not on on that front page you are at a tremendous competitive disadvantage.

So how do you improve your SEO performance?

Firstly create a mix – the so called ‘diverse content approach’. get to know your audience and make sure they are getting original, quality content in the form of copy, images and video. And check to see what’s tending (there are software packages for that – or use Twitter).

They say that long form articles are a dead art form. Nothing could further from the truth. one of the best ways to get ranked is set yourself up as an expert. Write with more insight into an industry or topic – get that right and you can build an empire on being an expert.

Be consistent. Keep up the quality and make sure that you need to be posting on a regular basis. Do some research into keywords and trends. Possibly invest in some SEO software to help with keyword research and optimization.

Keep an eye on the competition and make sure that your site is simply better as far as optimized content is concerned.

If there is one golden rule it is to focus on creating original, quality content that engages your target audience – that is what google loves. Combine that with an in depth knowledge of how to improve your SEO strategy and you will be well on your way to business success.