Why Is It Important To Alt Tag Images In SEO?

If you are concerned with improving your website’s visibility in search, chances are you’ve already heard about meta tags and their importance in regard to your on-page SEO efforts. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of alt tag images in SEO, in order for you to understand why you shouldn’t overlook this detail.

Briefly, you need to alt tag images in SEO to help search engines understand what they represent. Google, and all other search engines for that matter, use alt tags as part of their image ranking algorithms. If you overlook adding these tags, you waste this opportunity to make your images, and therefore your web pages, more relevant for their main topics. Since a big number of people make use of image search to find various items, your presence among the top results may lead in additional organic traffic to your website. All image search results contain a link to the website they originate from, thus enabling their users to click-through to visit that specific page. If you don’t try to rank your website in image search, you’re leaving money on the table. Besides, you can rest assured that your competitors do optimize their images for search by including all relevant information in their alt tags.

One of the basic principles of on-page SEO says that you should be writing for human readers, rather than for search engine spiders. When you fill in your alt tags the right way, you help visually impaired website visitors to understand what your photos are about. The fact that you care for these readers and that you cater to their needs is regarded by search engines as a sign of high-quality content. Search engines award “bonus points” to websites that cater to their audience, so they may grant your images a small bump in the SERPs.

Last but not least, have you ever wondered what happens in case a browser can’t display the images on a web pages? If there’s an alt tag, the browser will fetch and display its content. If there’s no alt tag information, your web page will display an ugly rectangle with a small cross inside it. As you can’t control how different browsers behave on different devices, it’s best to use these alt tags to display an accurate description of your images. Like this, all users will know that your intention has been to showcase photos that relate to the topic of the article, even though the browser has encountered difficulties in actually showing those images.

These are the main reasons why you should always make sure that all your images bear descriptive and concise alt tags to help improve the usability of your website with a help of a local seo agency like Johnny Chen Houston. Even if the proper use of alt tags on images won’t push you to the top of search engines right away, it’s still worth doing it, as it helps improving the relevance and the authority of your site. This kind of tiny detail can make a huge difference when it comes to competing against high authority websites that have been around for decades.